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Venice, Italy 2016, NY See You Later

Venice Travel Tips

Next stop, Venice, to embark on a cruise to Croatia and Greece! If you only have two weeks and want to see as much as possible, a cruise is the way to go. We booked ours with MSC. When you get to Venice by train, your next stop will be traveling by boat to your Airbnb/hotel, or in our case, directly to the cruise. Please see below the link to our first cruise destination, Split, Croatia.

Last stop on our vacation, Venice, Italy! We stayed at a cute Airbnb with a lot of character and charm, overlooking a courtyard and waterway. We had a private studio to ourselves for $125 per night. It’s difficult to find deals in Venice, due to its popularity; so, we would have had to start looking 4—6 months ahead of time.

We took a few water taxis and had to ask for help a few times. We highly recommend asking around for information if you need it. Don’t be shy!

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If you’re not using AirBnb, click here for a deal!

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