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Emille and Charlotte

Hudson River CrossFit

Animated GIF of CrossFit competitors starting the "Murph" workout.

Animated GIF of CrossFit competitors starting the “Murph” workout.

Wow! October marks two years that I’ve been participating in Crossfit and what I have to say is that the coaches at Hudson River CrossFit are fantastic! Every class feels like I’m getting a private lesson.

Hudson River CrossFit Group Photo

Murph instruction pic of the group

They are super knowledgeable, attentive and give their hearts and souls to the “family.” What a community too! These guys are friends for life! Ready to “kill it” and be the most encouraging group of people on the planet.

Hudson River CrossFit Group Photo

Asbury Park Summer Games Competion

So glad I was able to build friendships and amazing memories these past two years. I’ve grown and learned so much!

I am not the same athlete I was when I walked in. Twerking squats? Not any more! If you are looking for a place to decompress after a stressful day at work, look no further! They will take you out of your comfort zone and stir up a passion for fitness and exercise like you have never had before. I look forward to it every day!

Hudson River CrossFit Group Photo

3rd place at Asbury Park Summer

Thank you so much for taking me to the next level! I leave here better, stronger and happier.


Hudson River CrossFit Group Photo

Hudson River CrossFit Group

Hudson River CrossFit Teammates

Flexin group shot

Hudson River CrossFit

Top favorite coaches at Hudson River

Hudson River CrossFit

Jay slayin ring muscle ups

Dana doing a muscle up

Dana slaying her ring muscle ups

Hudson River CrossFit

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