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Emille demonstrates Chase Squat Thrusters

CrossFit Tough As Nails

After saying, “See you later” to NY and NJ in December, 2017, we drove 1,200 miles to Florida in a little Prius. Although we stopped at CrossFit Rittenhouse in Philly, and stayed with our awesome friends Zak & Tiffany in North Carolina, we were ready for an epic WOD, and CrossFit Tough As Nails in Oviedo didn’t disappoint.

CrossFit Tough As Nails in Oviedo

CrossFit Tough As Nails in Oviedo from Left: Moses, Bishop Jayson, Emille, Val, Tom, Kacie, Katy and Chase, Natalie, Hank and Chelsea

Our first Saturday there was a crisp morning, and we were greeted by Hank, the owner of CrossFit Tough As Nails, UCF coach, CrossFit master, jiu-jitsu and MMA trainer. He was very welcoming and made us feel right at home from the start, by introducing us to his tight-knit community.

Cam demonstrates a "One-Handed Subway Handle Ring Pike"

Cam demonstrates a “One-Handed Subway Handle Ring Pike”

Dan demonstrates the "One-Handed Call for Help!"

Dan demonstrates the “One-Handed Call for Help!”

Emille demonstrates the "One-Handed Wonder Woman"

Emille demonstrates the “One-Handed Wonder Woman”

Everyone was super welcoming and hardworking. Emille has worked out five days a week for the last two years at Hudson River CrossFit in Hoboken, so her strength and conditioning are phenomenal. I, on the other hand, have been very streaky with my fitness, but with the training and encouragement from Hank, Jess, Alex, Kayla, Cameron, Kristine and Tamiko, I have managed to learn the movements reasonably well, in two short months—while grunting through them all, Emille reminds me.😂 It must be my inner tennis player. 😉🎾

Emille and Chase—with the Tough As Toddlers Team

Emille and Chase—with the Tough As Toddlers Team

Emille was able to accomplish several firsts here. It started with jumping rope and continued with pistols and handstand push-ups. She credits these achievements to the coaches who pushed her to the next level.

Emille does a "Subway Handle Rope Climb"

Emille does a “Subway Handle Rope Climb”

Moses, Emille’s brother, had never participated in CrossFit previously, and made remarkable progress in two months.

Emille's brother, Moses, and Hank, CrossFit Tough As Nails owner

Emille’s brother, Moses, and Hank, CrossFit Tough As Nails owner

We will leave here with more technical knowledge and “Oviedo passion” for CrossFit than ever before. Thank you for the coaching and friendship. We’ll definitely “see you later, Crossfit Tough As Nails!”

Val with the Subway Handle


Emille and I would like to say a special thanks to future New York Times Best Selling author, and my mom 😉, CB Hoffmann, who surprised us with one month memberships as early Christmas presents!

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